Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Should I tell Dave I was once a GUY?

Adam had always dreamed of life as a beautiful, confident and sensual woman. Now, thanks to the Stepford Clinic, that dream has finally come true. As "Alicia", her life is now one of lingerie, pretty dresses, beauty regimes and romantic interludes with her male suitors.

Kevin's friends may need to reconsider their views ...

His friends said they "couldn't understand it" but Kevin had long harbored a desire to be pretty, girly and feminine. Now thanks to the Stepford Clinic, Kevin's dreams have been realized.

Alistair was something of a perfectionist ....

Alistair was something of a perfectionist, but it was difficult (even for him) to find fault with his new "Angelina" body morph.

"You must have rocks in your head Sister!"

Six months after his transformation, Alistair (now Alicia) was more convinced than ever that her decision to ABANDON MANHOOD in favour of FEMINITY was absolutely the BEST DECISION of her new and amazing life.